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Parlor Meeting Reminder

Everyone is reminded that on Tuesday evening Sep. 14th will take place a parlor meeting on behalf of Rabbi Udwin & his Yeshiva at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Rosenthal 1147 E 19th St (K-L).


Kinnus Hisorirus for Aseres Yemei T’shuva

The Philadelphia Yeshiva will be having its annual Kinnus Hisorirus in our shul tonight (Monday Sep. 13th). Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky & Rav Yudi Svei will be speaking. Maariv is at 8:00 PM. Everyone is invited to attend.

PHOTOS: Kollel Bais Torah Dinner 2010

All images courtesy of Henry Azrikan.

Special Nachal Tzvi Seder This Sunday

This Sunday morning at the Nachal Tzvi Seder which takes place on Sundays after davening, there will be a special breakfast and sheva brachos in honor of the marriage of Avrohom & Chana Leah Leiner, the daughter and son in law of R’ Dovid Weldler. Everyone is invited to come and join in the simcha. Regular learning will take place immediately following the sheva brachos.

Reserve the Date: Breakfast for Rov’s Kollel

We’d like to inform you that a date has been scheduled for the annual breakfast to benefit Kollel Bais Torah, lead by our Rov Shlita. The breakfast will be held at the home of Henoch Azrikan on Sunday morning Dec. 6th at 9:30. Rav Shlomo Feivel Schustal will be the guest speaker. Please reseve the date to attend so that you can be able to attend in person.

Heat Replacement Campaign

The heating system in the shul has to be replaced, which is costing the shul $15,000. Therefore, we are asking every family to give at least $150 towards the cost of the replacement system.

We thank all the following people who have already responded:

Mayer Amsel
Yossie Auerbach
Pesach M. Bendrahem
Ezra Berger
Mordechai Blumenkrantz
Yaakov Bondy
R’ Asher Buxbaum
Boruch Cywiak
Zev Egert
Mordechai Gordon
Dovid Gruen
Moshe Gurwitz
Yehuda Levi
Daniel Pollak
Zev Tolchinsky
Jonathan Vigder
Leibie Wolf
Dovid Zytman
Moshe Zywica

Breakfast for Rov’s Kollel

This Sunday morning, January 4th, the annual breakfast for the Rov’s Kollel will be held at the home of Dr. & Mrs. Henry Azrikan, 1150 E 21st St, at 9:30 sharp. Everyone is invited to attend. Photos from last year’s event can viewed by clicking here.

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