Birth of Granddaugther to R’ Shimshon Tiefenbrunn

Mazel tov to Mr. & Mrs. Shimshon Tiefenbrunn upon the birth of a granddaughter, born to their children Rabbi & Mrs. Hillel Tiefenbrunn. Everyone is invited to take part in the kiddush which will take place Shabbos Parshas Bamidbar following davening at the Tiefenbrunn home, 1118 E. 27th between K-L. May they have much nachass.


1 Response to “Birth of Granddaugther to R’ Shimshon Tiefenbrunn”

  1. 1 Henry Azrikan May 14, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Is there a list of any available shul dedications still available? (If anything is still open) Thank You HAzrikan

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