Birth of Granddaughter to R’ Zev Tolchinsky

Mazel Tov to R’ Zev and Mrs. Tolchinsky upon the birth of their first grandchild, a girl, born to their children Mordechai & Sara Tolchinsky. The baby’s name is Basya Leah. May they have much nachas.


1 Response to “Birth of Granddaughter to R’ Zev Tolchinsky”

  1. 1 R' Mendel Huss July 23, 2009 at 2:14 am


    Tyere R’ zev un dayn Chashuveh Eishes Chayil

    Just a few coveted spots left in our club. So glad you could join us!

    Nor Nachas un Gezunt fahr ayer Gantzeh Mishpocho.

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